Trollies and Buggie’s now allowed, but still subject to daily review

Who’d have thought frost would be our friend!?

The frost has firmed up the course a bit and the Greens Team are content that trollies and buggies can be used with immediate effect.    Unfortunately, due to the frost and the “bone” in the ground, temporary greens are in use.   Whilst surface frost may not be visible, if there’s frozen ground not visible below the surface, walking or balls landing can separate the turf from the roots causing permanent damage.

Both matters are subject to daily review based on weather and ground conditions.

A couple of requests though please:

Please try and keep traffic away from areas which are obviously worn, muddy or wet, especially near tees and greens – that’ll minimise wear and aid the recovery process in the Spring.

If you are able to carry your bag, please continue to do so, as every little helps.  Alternatively, one of these might be the answer!

hovercraft golf buggy

We trust we can rely on your co-operation and understanding in this matter.




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