Autumn Maintainence Programme

Look forward to your Autumn and Winter golf on our excellently conditioned golf course.

Our two year pilot programme of playing from our fairways and tees throughout the winter has demonstrated to us that there is no evidence of deterioration to our course. We therefore plan to progress with this position from this point forward. We will, of course, monitor closely to ensure that we are not doing any medium or longer term damage.

So when neighbouring courses are playing from mats or taking the ball from the fairway to the rough, you will be playing from well groomed fairways, (except the shared 1st and 2nd fairway which has extra traffic). You will also be playing from your normal tees other than par 3’s which need additional protection in winter conditions.

We will remind you of winter playing conditions nearer the time (the clocks change on 25 October!)

Before considering playing your winter golf elsewhere, give your own course a try; we are sure you will enjoy the experience.

Essential Autumn Maintenance – in order to maintain and improve the condition of our greens for the bulk of the year, we will commence the following on:

Week of Monday 12th October:
– Scarify greens and aprons in two opposite directions
– Hollow core greens and aprons at 50x50mm centres.
– Clear cores

Week of Monday 19th October
– Apply 40 tonnes of coarse white sand to greens and aprons
– Sweep and brush greens (we are hiring in a specific piece of equipment to improve distribution of sand and more quickly)

Sweep 'n Fill machine for sand distribution.
Sweep ‘n Fill machine for sand distribution.

– Roll greens (this will be the first year we’ve been able to do this and we are confident this will enhance the smoothness of the greens and absorption of the sand)

Turf Iron
Turf Iron

Work will continue to the tees with scarifying, coring and dressing.

We will provide details of the winter improvement programme in the next couple of weeks.

If you would like to volunteer with the coring clean up, please contact Gordon as any help would be greatly appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Autumn Maintainence Programme”

  1. What a great year of golf and congratulations to the green keepers and anyone who has played a part in the condition of the golf course.I have been a member for three years and when I first came I wondered if I had made the right decision.I do not regret in any way becoming a member at Uphall. The transformation of the course in that time has been amazing. I look forward to being a member for many years.

    1. Alan

      Apologies for the delay in getting back to you – your message was in spam!

      There’s a real collective wish amongst everyone involved to continuously improve and rest assured that won’t stop!

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