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Texas Scramble Draw – Saturday 21 November 2015

Texas Scramble Draw

Here is the draw for Saturday 21.11.15 Texas Scramble. (shotgun start at 8.55/9 a.m.)

You will see that there are 6 holes which have an asterisk * against their starting hole – those teams will tee-off at 8.55am with everyone else teeing off at 9am.

Hole 1 J.Saunders, D.Watson, B.Matheson, G.Law.
Hole 2 D.Russell, C.Russell, M.Proudfoot, A.Bavidge.
Hole 3 R.Millar, A.Leadbetter, J.Fegan, I.Calder.
Hole 4a* L.McFadyen, L.McFadyen, B.O`Day, C.O`Day.
Hole 4 A.Ferrie, M.Rennie, B.Sharp, P.Porteous.
Hole 5 R.Sneddon, G.Kinghorn, J.Bell, A.Midwinter.
Hole 6 J.Renwick, B.Saunders, E.Jones,R.Codona.
Hole 7a* M.Halliday, I.Laverie, D.Quigley, D.Wilson.
Hole 7 J.Shirley, D.Pace, S.Grieve, D.J Paterson
Hole 8 G.Ferguson, J.McManus, B.Leisk, D.Reid.
Hole 9a* R.Wilson, G.Jones, J.Thomson, K.Clarke.
Hole 9 S.Grady, T.Robb, R.Middleton, J.Brown.
Hole 10 R.Wilkinson, S.Henry, C.Nisbet, J.Hamilton.
Hole 11a* S.McKinnon, K.McKinnon, A.Moffat, C.Mighton.
Hole 11 J.McLauchlin, J.McGinn, S.Forrest, D.Donnelly.
Hole 12 S.Logan, P.Wilson D.Young, K.Young.
Hole 13 D.Tait, E.Kennedy, J.Welsh, D.Carr.
Hole 14a* J.Gibson, P.Brady, A.Rennie, A.Leiper.
Hole 14 A.Dobie, J.Reid, B.M.Watson, J.Craig.
Hole 15 N.Jarvis, M.Macdonald, A.Thomson, A.Wilson
Hole 16 G.Glendinning, A.Edwards, T.Edwards, I.Fairlie.
Hole 17 A.Bow, K.Houliston, D.Meldrum, P.MacMillan.
Hole 18a* A.Grant, A.Grant jnr, R.Comber, T.Headspeath.
Hole18 A.Wilson, A.Barclay, T.Findlay, P.Hughes.

Please register before 8.30am so you leave plenty time of time to make your way to tees.
All cards and rules for the day will be collected in the Professional shop upon Registration.
There will be a meal and Presentation of Prizes directly after completion of play.

If anyone has any queries regarding this tournament then please contact me in the shop in advance.

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