8 thoughts on “Latest Images of our proposed new Clubhouse”

  1. Good presentation on Tuesday and if we can deliver close to these images then we will have a great Clubhouse.

    I understand the concern re the comparable size of the “function” area but if the club really takes advantage of the initial “novelty” interest by serving high quality food, then I believe that any lost revenue can be recouped through a growing reputation for good food in a high class environment.

    1. that’s certainly our hope Dave – looking around, newer Clubhouses seem to be heading for “smaller and better”. Maybe our strategy isnt by choice, but hopefully it works for us!! Callander is a recent example of downsizing

  2. Looks great, nice design, ultra modern, quite hard to see how wide the seating area is at the side of the clubhouse, but can it be built slightly wider, this would create a larger seating area outside and enhance the look of this area.

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