A Very Wintery Junior Medal Day

23 of our Junior Section  (supervised by several members) braved Sunday’s freezing cold conditions to take part in an on course competition event on Sunday, many of them for the first time. 

With the junior coaching program going strong, the focus this year is to progress as many of the youngsters as possible to the point that they have handicaps, which will allow them to play competitive golf and also help them measure their progress over time.

Given the weather, the turnout of 23 players was fantastic.   .

Players were categorised to take part in either 4 hole, 7 hole or 14 hole events based on their current playing ability and a maximum 10 strokes per hole was set to ensure a decent pace of play. 

 A presentation was held in the clubhouse after the event where Club Captain, Gordon Law presented modest prizes to all winners and competitors.

Winners were:

4 hole competition – Callum Murphy / 27 strokes.

7 hole competition – Jordan Patterson won the 7 hole medal with a score of 44 gross, James Halliday was runner up with 47 gross.

14 hole competition – Sean Byron / 57 strokes (with a great gross score of 2 over par).

Well done to everyone who played and soldiered on despite the freezing conditions. Spirits were high and we hope this event will encourage the youngsters to get out on the course and play during the holidays.   Despite the recent dreadful weather the course was in great condition. 

Thanks to Gordon and all the folks who helped with on course supervision, I hope you have all thawed out by now – don’t worry the weather will improve!

Peter MacMillan

Junior Convenor


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