Clubhouse Update – April 2021

Welcome to our new Blog!

Since the devastating fire which destroyed our clubhouse, we have had a huge amount of interest and support from members past and present, as well as previous visitors and those in the local community.

We’ve been considering the best way to keep both members and non-members up to date with things related to the rebuild of the clubhouse and we are going to do this through a regular blog, with this being the first of many.

Our plan is to try and have something out at least once a month, on progress and future plans for the rebuild.

It has been around 6 weeks since the fire. Many of us still pass the building regularly and can’t believe what has happened.  Whilst we might never know exactly what caused the fire, it has clearly affected all of us in different ways.  For many it is fond memories of times spent inside, either enjoying the hospitality at a function or dissecting the last round played hole by hole with friends, old and new.  It’s also important to remember that for some it means much more as it’s their livelihoods that have been affected.


So what has happened so far?

Since the fire, the Committee have started co-ordinating and planning all of the different tasks that will need to be addressed, including;

  • Contacting our insurers to understand and start the claims process
  • Contacting the Council to find out our position with them implementing guidance around health and safety
  • Communicating with the Fire Brigade
  • Informing the gas, electricity and water companies and implementing measures to ensure safety
  • Cancelling suppliers and re-negotiating contractual arrangements
  • Updating members on what information there was and what actions were being taken
  • Negotiating and implementing a demolition contract
  • Informing clients who had booked the clubhouse for future events

The list goes on and the Committee have been working hard over the last few weeks to ensure that all of these things are taken care of so we are ready to move forward positively when the time is right.

In addition to this, the course was open for play within 2 days of the fire and as of Saturday, the full 18 holes are back in play.

It’s important to recognise that all of this had to be arranged whilst taking into account the constantly changing set of circumstances created by the ongoing pandemic. With rules and guidelines updated around every fortnight, a whole list of other issues have been added to the already challenging to do list.

If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s that there are so many things that we take for granted, until they’re taken away.

Where are we right now? 

Progress is being made, but we must acknowledge that it will take time.  Things that are in our control, we are dealing with and those that are not, we’ll provide as much information as we can.

Demolition and clearing of the remains of the clubhouse was completed today, almost a week ahead of schedule.

We continue to work with the Council around all aspects of health and safety and continue to liaise with our insurers regarding the situation.  The last of the forensic investigations was completed earlier this week, so we hope that the insurers will be able to conclude their final review soon.

As you will already be aware, plans have been completed on a full competitive season for 2021 with the Opening Day competitions planned for the weekend of the 10th and 11th of April.

We have also not lost site of the golf course in all of this – as well as the preparation for the new season, a couple of other key things have happened:

  • We are continuing to invest in the course, with a new fully qualified greenkeeper, Michael starting on 1st March
  • We invested in a new Rough Mower in February, which got it’s first outing yesterday

We understand and recognise the importance of keeping everyone as up to date as much possible and will continue to send updates through email, along with our usual social media updates and now through the blog.

Coming back from this will take time, we will come back better and stronger and it’s important that you are with us on this journey.